What We Do

What we do

Ross Smith is a Calgary based hedge fund offering accredited, exempt-qualified investors access to unique investment products. Our objective within the Ross Smith Capital Investment Fund and the Ross Smith Opportunities Fund is to grow capital with an intense focus on low volatility.

We aren't concerned with what others do.  That doesn't mean we are always different.

It simply offers an original and genuine experience.

We manage two multi-strategy hedge funds focused on catalyst driven events, arbitrage opportunities and relative value situations as well as various other unique investment vehicles. Our investment process is systematic, and the result of intense exploration. On our journey we discovered that while markets are generally efficient, individual security prices occasionally are not. We find opportunity in the ones that are not. The firm’s management has built large scale research and technology-based trading platforms, developing infrastructure from the ground up. When you are on your own expedition, you become extremely resourceful.  We pride ourselves on our tightly controlled risk management involving diversification, position sizing, and stress testing models.