August 2016


  • +0.7029% (Class A)
  • +0.7469% (Class F)


  • +0.2441% (Class A)
  • +0.3183% (Class F)

It's September, you're back at work and finally getting around to the tasks you put off all summer, or at least thinking about it.  If you're like me you'll start by making a list, mostly to procrastinate actually doing anything.  I bet 'Investments' is on this list so probably a good time for us to remind everybody where the Ross Smith Funds fit into your portfolio.

We are a low volatility, market neutral, multi-strategy hedge fund.


I touched on market neutral last month, so let's visit 'low volatility' this month.

Investments come in all ranges of volatility.  Cash is at one end of the spectrum and a private start-up investment is at the other.  With one you won't lose any money, but you won't make any either (in fact inflation is making it smaller), and with the other you're about to strike it rich.  Or not. 

Your own investment portfolio should probably comprise a mix of investments on this volatility spectrum.  We look at risk based on "Annualized Volatility" and here's how the Ross Smith Funds compare to some other vehicles you're probably familiar with.  If you pick a mix of investments that's right for you, you'll sleep well.

Cash 0.00%
Ross Smith Investment Fund 2.87%
DEX Universe Bond Index 3.80%
Ross Smith Opportunities Fund 5.92%
TSX Composite Total Return Index 8.35%
Scotiabank Multi-Strategy Hedge Fund Index 8.83%
XEG Cdn Energy Company ETF 18.82%
WTI Crude Oil 31.43%

(*4 years as at August 31, 2016)

Sweet Dreams?,


Jai Hawker  

Trout Taylor