Who We Are

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It started with a conversation.

Curiosity then morphed into passion. Things escalated into an investment philosophy we couldn't walk away from.

Ross Smith is an alternative asset manager that made a decision to veer away from wall street. And we certainly aren’t righteous. Our path is just that, ours, there are others. The difference, we are tilling soil in a fertile new place. Yes, we take into account past and tested theories, however, our strategies are derived from our own intuition and exploration. We are different, but hardened and proven practitioners none-the-less.  

Our goal at Ross Smith is to provide products unique to Canada.

The complicacy is not in the concept, but the application. We have models that identify small inefficiencies within extremely complex financial environments and take advantage of the lag that exists for one side to catch up to the other. We then try to make sure that our optimism doesn’t outweigh our pessimism and vice versa. Although, we make sure we have the flexibility to heavily lean in any given direction if warranted.

Our edge is in the dynamic nature of how all of this works together and the fact that we don’t rely on black swan events or high frequency trading.   

Ross Smith is not anti-industry or anti-authority. We were educated within the system. We walked with the elite on Wall Street. Two things we are proud of.

It was restlessness that brought us together. We are an eclectic group of financial explorers that wanted to venture beyond the established horizon.  Yet we aren’t risk takers. Nothing is gained by stepping off a cliff. 

That’s it, our philosophy, to push, to step off the trail, to be boldly ambitious without being reckless. In our eyes, this is the only way one will discover something new. And that doesn’t mean we will always be different. If a crowd is running from imminent doom, best join. When the bell tolls, we make two promises, to treat our investors as allies and act honourably, and to sustain an atmosphere that is both original and genuine. 

We establish systematic trading protocols that we don’t vary from. But that’s not to say that we don’t step in if a market event re-writes the rules.  Markets are organic, they evolve, if you remove humans, you remove accountability. It’s our job to eliminate the exposure investors have to human emotions, without sacrificing the ability for human oversight and cognitive reasoning to combat strategy decay.